Home Built Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle

What if…?
What would you think if someone built a Greenland paddle out of carbon fiber and then painted it to look like wood?

“I think of as somewhat of a contradiction to build a traditional GP out of carbon”

It’s your notion that GPs are some sort of relic being preserved, instead of contemporary tools used NOW, that makes this odd to you. I’m sure others share this this view.

Clearly it’s not “traditional” in construction - so any contradiction is automatically resolved. As far as “tradition” goes, what is traditional about any people outside of the Greenland Inuit using GPs?

I suspect that if you’re first exposure to a GP were CF like mine was you’d have a rather different sense of what they’re all about.

“So when it comes to the GP discipline, I am sure there are some amongst that group who does feel a GP should be made of wood”

Of course there are. For some it’s about many other things besides just using the paddles. For most a mix of things. I’ve yet to see any consistent characteristics among GP users though, despite how it might look to more casual observers, so “disciple” is not a word I would use in connection with any of this.

Love to have that pint someday.

I was thinking veneer inlays NM

Another great homebuild
Hi Duane

Your latest paddle looks real nice and silent too.

I’ve just finished the combing on my Mini Benny build and should be paddling it within a week or two. It’s been a fun one and looking forward to getting it in the water.


Tony, Australia

Think I’ll have to build myself a plug too…

Best Wishes