Homemade Flotation?

I need bow and stern flotation for my “bulkhead-less” 10’ rec kayak and nothing on the market seems like it will fit quite right. Any creative and cheap suggestions for homemade flotation? Thanks.

Try a search
I think Sing has mentioned making floatbags from some sort of coated fabric.


Pool Noodles
I know K-Mart sells the bigger ones as well as the smaller.

It won’t replace float bags or acutal bulkheads but it they kept my america from submarineing for 4+ years

Check out Yostwerks

Tom’s site is the ultimate kayaker do-it-yourself site. He covers a number of items, including the float bags.

Extra PFDs, empty plastic jugs or large bottles, dry bags, paddle floats, boat cushions, rolled up sleeping bag pad (closed cell), packing peanuts in mesh or garbage bags, mylar balloon

Old inner tube in a mesh bag NM

What department
at Wal-Mart would you get the 20mil vinyl…the fabric and sewing dept?