Honda Element owners:

And ugly on the inside from the back…
…seat. Rather than staring at the moauntins and streams, your passengers in back can stare at the ill placed roof support.

I LOVE my Element!!!
I live in Southern Oregon (lots of mountains and curvy roads!) and my Element goes through it all!!! It drives very well in the snow! I haven’t had any problems in either snow or offroad.

I find that even when it is loaded with people (it only seats 4) it still handles very well. The only down side is if you have people AND gear, then the spacing isn’t the best. The leg-room in the back is also very nice! My brother is 6’4" and still has tons of leg-room left!

I love mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything! It carries my kayak, gear and dog with lots of room to spare!

Pamskee, your Aztek’s reputation is…
…safe. It’s still one of the ugliest vehicles on the road. BUT, beauty doesn’t always equal utility and versatility or need. The prettiest car I ever had was useless for anything but going really fast, really qwik. Ride stiff as a skateboard (cornerd well @ speed), trunk big enough for very small luggage, back seat barely big enough for my 3 & 4 year old boys, oversized rear tires good for less than 7000 miles (still burnin’into 3rd), 10mpg on premium, next to immobile on slippery roads. But it sure was a beauty!!!

Besides, beauty is in the eye of… or so ‘they’ say, anyway.

5 stars on the side impact
with the side airbags. There is a lot of side structure in there, that’s why there are no rolldown windows in the rear door.

Never had a compaint about the veiw out
from my passengers. The rear seats are installed theater style so the rear passengers can see over the driver’s and front passenger’s head. Providing they are adults that is, kids might have a problem with the high beltline and the fact that they cannot see over the seats in front. The rear passengers do get the sunroof though!