Hotel Stays With A Boat On The Roof

If you prefer to leave boat on roof
check building height before making reservations. More than two stories is a real booger…

griffin800’s post prompted me to contact my insurance company - Liberty Mutual. I have home, auto and umbrella policies with them.

They told me that any damage to my boats while I am driving with the boats on my car (the boats coming loose in a accident for any reason) would be covered by my auto policy.

Any theft of the boats would be covered by my home policy for an additional $80 per year.

Catastrophic damage during use would also be covered under my home policy.

Of course “covered” means at current replacement value.

Seems like a good deal for $80.

Lightly locked
I’ve left many canoes on top of cars in hotel parking lots. I take the minimal precaution of threading a cable lock around a seat or a thwart and then around the Thule rack. I usually thread the lock when I leave home and don’t remove until I get where I’m going. That way it is also hard to steal in the parking lot of Mikey Ds.

This is not fool proof, as the rack could be lifted and the lock slipped off. But it makes the theft harder and less likely.


Of the inbreds and cretins who come out at night at local motels!!!

Overnight with kayak in hotel
I ALWAYS either cable my boat with several cables and padlocks, or take the boat inside.

just boat a lot and buy cheap used
boats- deeply scratched, oil canned boats, with weld marks never get stolen for some reason- all my boats end up being beater boats within a year or two

right now my racks are worth more than my boats…ahh such is life

kind of reminds me of the two coots in a canoe book- they opted for the cheap aluminum canoe

nobody wants to steal a heavy black and white tv either