How Do I Demo Sea Kayaks?

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above- to below- waterline ratio

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Don't worry about above to below waterline ratio. Boats are designed with a target load range. Your weight and to some degree height (mostly leg length) matter. Traditionally most sea kayaks are designed for average size male paddlers. If you are significantly larger or smaller than an average adult male you have different appropriate choices. Average size is broadly defined.

Freeboard is windage in a kayak. There is no ideal above (freeboard) to below waterline (draft) ratio. Different design boats have different drafts. How the boat edges, braces, and rolls will tell you if you have too much or too little freeboard.

Of course, any boat has less free board when fully loaded as for camping etc... than when lightly loaded for a day paddle. If you plan to camp or expedition with your kayak you want enough freeboard when lightly loaded to accommodate load without submarining.

We Need a Paddle Town
If you want to gamble… Las Vegas

Live theatre… New York

We need all things paddling in one town. OK, two towns. One on the east coast and one on the west here in the US. I vote Wilmington, North Carolina for the east coast as it’s close to me.

You hear me, manufacturers and retailers? Pick a town and converge. If you build it…

I like to see a few inches below the seam, or where the seam should be. Most boats have writing on the side and generally if that writing is out of the water you’re good.

If You’d like I can send you an email with some reference pictures I’ve taken since we weigh the same. I’m finding 400+ liters volume seems to be a good number for proper performance.

Take a load
If you’re going to do a lot of trips, test with a load of similar weight and distribution for the test. Many, if not most sea kayaks, are designed to optimize with the weight. If you’re not doing trips, you will probably want a lower volume boat. But, test with the anticipated cargo that you will carry in most cases.

you’re overthinking
There is no magic “2” below trhe seam".

Duluth MN
Lake Superior and whitewater in the immediate area.

Or almost anywhere in Maine.

four towns.