How do I get Skinboats urethane

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off my hands? tried Goo-Gone,gasoline,Dawn dishwashing liquid.Still a little tacky-and waterproof.I think I'll use gloves for the deck.

should do the trick. good luck becoming unstuck!

Paint thinner. It’s unpigmented oil based paint.

Bill H.

String, I have no personal experience with skin boat urethane, but in thirty five of commercial and residential glazing,the best product I encountered for Painless removel of that sort of sealant, was parr, paint and resin remover, made by Permatex. It is generally available from good auto parts stores and automotive paint stores. Most thinners will thin urethane compounds to the point where they will seep into the cracks in your callouses where they will remain until you grow new skin. Parr has some pumice in it and, when used with out water and with a good stiff hand and nail brush, will usually remove the toughest stuff without drawing blood. Rinse with water after compound is detached from skin. Citrus based hand cleaners like fast orange will work up to a point, but Parr is definitly the best. Curiously, it will hardly touch dried latex paint and caulk, but on urethane, it rocks.


Nitril gloves are generally more durable than latex.


I’ll get some PARR, thanks.
In the Skinboats video, the instructor wasn’t wearing gloves.

My hands aren’t sticky today but they are shiny.

Paint thinner is not unpigmented paint.