How does theoretical hull speed

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I’m looking at a boat that has THS of just below 5. I typically paddle at 3-3.5 so it sounds like it would be OK.
Seems like you need to test paddle the boat! I think my 15 foot solo canoes have a THS around 6 mph and the faster one (Merlin II) cruises a bit over 4 with strong input (Swift Osprey a bit under 4) so it seems like you are climbing the resistance curve pretty seriously at around 2/3 of THS. Your example of a THS a bit under 5 represents a modest kayak right? Not some skinny sea kayak or surf ski bullet. At 3.5 it might be pushing back on you.

I fully agree that the shape factor (aspect ratio) is important…my Merlin II 15 footer is way faster than my 16’2" Swift Shearwater, at least with my engine.

Yes, it is a light weight SOT, an Eddyline Caribbean.

Hey string, as you say I think you’ll be fine. I bet your normal stroke puts you somewhere between 3 and 3.5 even in the 12 foot Carribean. My point is that with a shorter/wider boat, by 3.5 you are getting into the zone where the shape of the boat affects the shape of the speed/resistance curve and in turn the “feel” of the boat. For me I like the feeling that the boat will still accelerate easily from cruising speed…something all 5 of my solos are good at. Very cool software link from rival51.