How far South do I need to go?

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Props to all you who are acclimatized to high heat/humidity. It’s rare up here so one doesn’t get used to it; we just endure until the weather changes - which can be within 24 hours, or a few days.

how true… We have not had warmth like today ( 84) this summer… We are all wilting. Yet in Feb we will seek Florida when we get sick of the three day cycle of snow.
Day 1 get ready for snow.
Day 2 snows
Day 3 clean up what needs to be cleaned…
After several cycles day 3 gets long as you have to push the snow back in the woods as the banks get too high and the roof has to be shoveled.

Drats. Guess I’ll stop whining about the heat wave after being reminded of what’s to come. :expressionless:

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It’s all relative. I’ve lived in the heat and humidity of Florida, the heat and dryness of Arizona, the extreme cold and dryness of Alaska, and now the heat, humidity, and seasonal dryness of Texas doing a job that requires me to be out in whatever mother nature has to offer. No use fighting it, you will lose. Dress for success and hydrate.

Sounds like a tour of Air Force Bases.

You are correct, sir!

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At least snow melts , eventually, and goes away. Hurricane trees take more work.

True enough. But I deal with the hurricane trees very rarely, I shoveled snow a lot!

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“Warm water”…hmmm. What it means to you and what it means to me could be two different things!

New England that’s pretty close to Canada. When I lived I South Carolina they were the only people swimming at Myrtle Beach in the winter w/o a wet suit.