How far would you take your 17" kayak on

How is that more likely?
I’m curious…

With a rack versus without a rack - how is it more likely that I’d lose the kayak without a rack?

Unless I’m missing the point with racks- it seems to me, I’m using the same straps to secure the kayak to the car.

Shame on you!
You’re missing bow & stern lines when it was secured to the roof rack.

Not doing it for the $500 boat
You do it to avoid the million dollar wrongful death lawsuit you get hit with when the $500 boat goes through the front windshield of the vehicle behind you.

The cost of the boat has no real relevance to whether you buy a good roof rack or not. It has to do with the potential risk relative to your degree of confidence in your do-it-yourself strap on job. If you feel confident that you can securely strap your boat without a real roof rack (and you don’t find it a huge PITA to do so), then you might as well stick with that system even after you upgrade to the $3000 composite boat. Because in a real a catastrophic failure, the cost of the boat will be the least of your worries.

Just duct tape that sucker down Andy! NM

The right rack and accessories

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will make it MUCH easier for you to secure the boat--both forward/backward and laterally. If you go without the rack, you need to make sure to use two bow lines and two stern lines, as well as two straps, in order to insure no lateral movement. Until you actually load and unload a boat on a good rack with the right accessories, you won't really know how much easier it is to get a secure strap down without having to over tighten and possibly warp your boat. If you can push or pull the stern or bow of your boat sideways after securing it, using the most force you can muster, it isn't really secured.

That makes sense.

just stick it in your pocket…
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