How hot in a SINK?

start again, and read the whole thread. we were at least in part discussing fast sot’s, surfskis. it’s difficult to think of one that isn’t faster than any closed boat out there, excepting the very fastest ones (and the skill level for these is equivalent to that for high end skis, which are faster than those boats anyway).

Careful with that claim of best
because aside fron their metallic product (zinc or titanium oxide) they do not adress ingredients on their web site an did not e-mail me back about my enquiry.

i’m surprised
they’ve always been really good about answering all my questions. and they used to have all sorts of info about what is in their product. haven’t checked in a while, since i have plenty for now. maybe they’re on vacation or something.


Thanks for the replys…
I am heading out for a test paddle tomorrow…I will be in a Carolina Expedition, and hopefully I can get a few hours on the water in it. Based on the responses so far, I think I am still leaning towards a SINK. It sounds like there are ways to mitigate for heat build-up.

BTW, if you have any experience with the Carolina, please contribute to my “Carolina vs. Tsunami” thread… :slight_smile:


You and snook were

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The only ones that mentioned skis. The poster is talking about a Carolina..???

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beating the heat
A white decked SOT and light colored clothing will definitely be the coolest. I can paddle my white surfski comfortably in pretty steamy conditions. I just have to be mindful of the sun.

Sinks can get pretty hot. My QCC is red-decked and it boils you on a sunny day. Actually, when I raced it, it would get really hot even in cool weather (skirt puffs out as the air in the cockpit heats up). Sometimes I have to do without the skirt in hot weather. The lightweight skirts that have been suggested already in the thread are a good option. Definitely go light color on the deck.