how much for kayak/canoe storage?

wood warehouse

no heat, no eletricity…
no fire.

metro DC

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I think local paddler clubs charge about 50 dollars a month

depends on location
You can obviously charge more if the building is within walking distance of the local waterway. Then people don’t need to buy rooftop carriers etc.

Bill H.

I’ve paid for storage twice
In Cocoa, Florida on the river I paid 20 per month in the 80’s for my own boat locker that would fit one sea kayak. No restrooms or changing area but the boats or windsurfers were available 24/7 on interesting water.

In Greensboro,NC I belonged to a club with a waiting list on a really nice lake about 1.5 miles long and it cost about $100/yr in the 1990’s. Your boat and restrooms were available 10 to 12 hours a day.