How to buy used

it’s stored inside right now …

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...... wouldn't hurt to ask how long the present owner has owned the canoe , and how they have stored it .

But what's it matter if it was left outside during the winter it's whole life , that doesn't hurt it at all .

To me it looks how I would expect it to look , it's a river boat that's been used in rivers (no concerns) , but it may show other things that present concern upon a personal inspection , only one way to find out .

If that Tripper is as sound as it looks to be , $450.-500. would be stealing it (well maybe mot stealing it but a really good price)... $700. is top dollar and I don't think it quite makes that grade cause of cosmetics , not problems just cosmetics (many rub compression marks - used river canoe) .

Just curious , what happened with the Rx Charles River , how much did they want for it ??

Left outside in winter…
If it was left outside in winter; it was probably left outside year round.

No concern for 20, probably more, years of exposure to UV?


he said it’s 15 yrs. old …
… serial # can confirm that .

Anyway Bob , a gazzilion boats are left outside their whole life , 1/2 of those were under shed roof or other means of basic cover . What “if” the sky falls tomorrow … what “if” , what “if” … if at beast means unknown . Same applies to how any particular canoe has been taken care of and/or stored … the canoe itself always tells the story . The skin itself will show the details of extreme long term sun/UV exposure “if” that’s the case . The pics. (granted their just pics.) show the vinyl as in pretty solid condition … it doesn’t look like a southern baked potato to me , looks like a northern mountain river boat that’s seen plenty of shade and cover .

The vinyl skin of a Rx boat is inherently UV resistent , that’s one of the main reasons they used the vinyl layer to protect the ABS layers below it .

You don’t like the Rx Tripper he’s considering , do you Bob ??

Like the boat under consideration?

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No particular feeling about the boat in question one way or another.
Have owned & paddled quite a few different Old Towns(Discovery 174, Discovery 158, Penobscot 15, Canadienne).No problems/complaints with any of those I owned.
Have no use for any tandem now; my wife & I paddle solos.
Have heard some good things about that boat model.

On the other hand; I am not a big fan of any boat that has been stored outside for a long period of time; especially if it has been outside without cover, and especially if it's 15 years old, or older.

While the boat could certainly be in usable condition; exposure to extreme cold, and UV rays are not things that benefit any boat in any positive way that I know.

I still think that 7 hundred is overpriced.
Think prospective buyer might find something in just as good condition, or better condition, and cheaper; if he had some patience.

I am a "big fan" of used canoes in general; if I am able to inspect them in person, and the price is right.

That's my opinion.
As long as we are allowed to express our opinions; I will freely do so.
My opinions are not the gospel or hold writ.
Having never seen the boat in person(which I always suggest); I have no indisputable knowledge of it true condition.

I wish the prospective buyer good luck; whether he buys that particular canoe or not.


The Penobscot 17 is a minivan.

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She settles right in with a load. You might say it's a lot like the 16, only a foot longer and a bit higher and wider! I've soloed it, but it's not a lot of fun and nearly impossible adding wind. You almost have to "Omer" it.

We had our two kids in it often for many well-outfitted day trips and had four adults aboard more than a few times with no difficulties. By the time they got a little too big, the kids were in their own boats. We preach and practice the one-adult-per-each-child rule, so I don't know about 3 kids in the boat.

I've loved that boat and we've had great times in it, but I've been talking about selling it to trade up to a shorter composite tandem for a few years now. She won't hear of it, though. She's emotionally attached.

That is the problem…how do you know what the boat has been through over it’s life time?

Sometimes I think it’d be better to spend a few more dollars and just buy a new “Blem” model

For example, here are some prices on Blem models:

Charles River RX “rental” $850

Charles Rive RX " Blem" $1199

Penobscot 16 RX “Blem” $1150

Penobscort 174 “Blem” $695

Discovery 169 “Blem” $729

Tripper 172 “Blem” $1199

You really can’t say that either
A lot of us would take old Royalex (it was MUCH tougher) hands down for the same money as a new blem.

I’ve got an old Dagger Caption. Would I trade it even-steven for a brand new Caption? No way, and not for a non-blem either.

If it were me,
I’d stick to sniffing out a 15-20 year-old Rx Tripper or Penobscot 17 that’s been hiding in a barn somewheres. Get creative. Ask around. If you see one in a yard, stop and ask. There are great boats all around up there just waiting for you. Rent in the meantime.

what’s wrong with the Rx Tripper …

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...... your considering now ??

Just go check it out and offer $500. - $600. cash ... if he won't take $600. , tell him to keep it cause that's the max he's going to get for it anyway , end of story .

Check the things we've told you about just to be sure . "CHECK that SERIAL #" , ask the guy for it before you go , tell us what it is and you'll soon know what year it was made . A 15 yr. old Rx Tripper 172 , is a nice Tripper . My 1984 Rx Old Town is a great canoe , I did clean it and replace the thwarts , and customized the front seat .

Check to be sure the center of the bottom hull is good snd strong ... if it is the rest will be just as strong and stronger .

So it's got rub marks on the bottom , that's what happens , it's normal and OK ...

It's looks like a fine Rx Tripper 172 to me and they make great river boats .

The Rx Charles River is a good one too ... it's lighter by 18-20 lbs. , smaller by a foot , and inch shorter in height , holds 200-300- lbs. less (still holds a good load of weight though) , a bit easier to paddle and manuver , it's nice canoe .

A Penobscot 174 is a polyethylene boat , not even like the Rx Penobscott ... and you can buy a brand new Old Town Expedition 169 (same as a Disco) from Bass Pro for $670. bucks , they are a good boat for that price new (they cost $699. new at Bass Pro , you sign up for their credit card and get 10% of everything you buy on your 1st purchase w/that card , pay it off and throw the card away (or keep it) .

The Rx Penobscot is a tad twitchy , it's a bit narrower but that makes it a little faster .

Livery (rental) canoes should go for about $200.-250. tops , most are beat (ask yourself , why if the canoe is still safe and usable would the livery sell it instead of keep making more money off it since it cost them nothing to keep it now) . Maybe they think it's tough to rent a dog for what they want to charge for rental rates ??

kimoj44 ... I called they seller for ya , he'll take $600. (he's already got someone offering a bit less (maybe you ??) and he says the center hull is strong and sound (but you check it anyway to be sure) , (has one small laceration that he's expoxied - that's ok) , go check it out , it's an Rx Tripper 172 , you'll not find a better river boat . And despite what some say , I don't think they come up very often cause people keep them (there's a reason for that ya know) . Confirm the serial # .

Good luck !!


Looks like I may owe you a finders fee :slight_smile: Can’t believe you actually called the guy :slight_smile:

He’s not emailing me back, so he probably sold it… We’ll see…

Hey, maybe you are HIM !!! :slight_smile:

Seriously…thanks for all the input and advice.

no I’m not him …

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...... I'm in MD. but am a big fan of the Rx Tripper .

I just talked to him today ....

He said he was talking with someone already at the $550. price I suggested at 1st , and said it would take $600. at this point .

Call him ... I had to figure out the Bangor Maine area code myself cause it's not in his craigs. add. ... if I remember correct it's area code 207 -

Good luck if you try for it ...

Start with 60% the cost of retail, then deduct for wear, fading, damage.

Buying a used rental boat should never be more than 25% the cost of new.