How's your combat roll?

Dicy! Glad you fared okay. The only similar experience I’ve had was getting a right good thrashing while surfing a reef and misjudging distances. I left a lot of skin there, and had to fork out cash to repair the rental board. So, potentially dumb question, but do you use a leash with your ski? Is that a thing?

We are hanging in. I seem to be semi-retired until Covid passes. I mostly SUP when by myself. My oldest son Ian, that got us into kayak surfing is renting a house near us and working from home. We have gotten out a few times together, but never when the surf is very good. Hard to time things with his job and kids etc. My grandsons love the ocean but are a bit young for surfing yet. I get to go to the beach with them at least once a week, and we do have great water fights in the tide pools though, and last week they were butt surfing on an inflatable turtle.

I use a paddle leash that is attached to the waveski. When I have to bail, I undo the belt strap and hang onto that and/or the footstrap. Then I don’t need to worry about the paddle. After remounting and strapping back in, I tug the paddle leash and, VOILA!, I ready to go again.

My approach has worked for me. With a decade plus of waveskiing, I only had the waveski strap pulled out of my grip once by a breaking wave. Of course, it was winter when my grip was compromised by neo mitts. Was a pretty cold, long swim back in. Cold water rough water can be panic inducing. My mindset was/is to accept the situation, relax, don’t overexert, side and/or backstroke to keep an eye on an approaching waves and to time/use it to body surf/swim a bit closer in each time.

In recent years, with deference to age and a leaky heart valve (that adversely impacts my stamina), I don’t surf head plus waves anymore. 6-7’ is my limit. So, if it goes wrong, the swim in should be shorter. :face_with_head_bandage:


That sounds idyllic. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen much of my granddaughter who just got past her year and a half. With COVID cautions of her mom and dad, and the fact they live down on the Cape, I haven’t see that much of her (except through pics and videos). She apparently likes the water too. But, it is been in the inland ponds. Just as well since the ocean breaks near them – Chatham, Nauset, etc. – are known as a Great White hunting ground these days.

BTW. Have you heard anything about the inflatable waveskis that Mathieu Babarit and Caroline Angibaud have developed and gotten into the European market? I am thinking of ordering one so I have a waveski with me whenever I get out to the west coast for visits.


The leash set up sounds ideal.

Not everyone can do that under stress. I’m glad you were able to.

Hi Sing. Yes i see Matt’s and Caro’s posts on facebook, they have a business teaching surfing on the coast in France. They have been to Encinitas a few times to surf my favorite spot and play with their daughter. I believe the last time they had one of the inflatable waveskis with them here. A friend of mine knows them well and I believe he bought two of the inflatables for he and his wife. He got his aprehensive wife out surfing on one and she seemed to enjoy it. I don’t see him at the beach lately but I can send him a message and see what he thinks of them after owning them about a year. I’m pretty sure they are happy with them.

I texted with my friend. He’s moving to Florida and selling one of the Kaluas. He has one that he says never touched water yet. I think he was keeping some for Matt to people to buy and demo or maybe for Ian Mcleod who is selling them now in US. His review is that they are lot of fun, but don’t surf well in big surf because too buoyant ( no big surprise.). The one he has is 7.6 and he is 5’7" and 145 lbs, so it might be a good fit. He wants $500 plus shipping.

Wow. Thanks for a great lead! I am interested in that deal. forward him my email and we can arrange details.


:+1: Looks like you made a deal!

Yup. Look forward to trying it and having a waveski for travelling surfaris. :slight_smile:

I’ll remember to keep it away from jetties. :woozy_face:


Used to be bombproof, both sides: C1, WW kayak, sea kayak - class 6 WW, surfing. Now, with age and various injuries, including huge shoulder cuff tear and displaced bicep tendons, it is no more.

I can relate. What was once easy is now more difficult. Now I run rivers where there is a high likely-hood that I’ll stay upright. I keep working on the roll but the lack of pool time (due to covid) has been a set back.

Was able to perform a roll some, eons ago.

Went to a pool for some practice, and am now totally inept.

On the plus side, I used to be a lifeguard, swim instructor, freediver, and open water swimmer, and can still do that, so…

Still, I’d like to get that roll back, and improve on it to make it “bomb proof”, but if that isn’t possible, I have a decent backup plan.