Hullavator and subcompact

well the hullavator

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costs $$$ with a finite life...

where 8 studs and 4 angle irons with an inexpensive drill, headliners removing tools, access to Utube for video and an owners manual...

Now when I write YOUR GROUP obviously YOU know who YOU are don't YOU ? Of course YOU do....

Me ? I have no idea who YOU are...and this is why....

I'm at Big Bend Daniels' Ranch. ahhhhhhhhh....

do YOU have any idea how much effort it takes to get here and equipe ? Of course YOU do !


DK, you remind me a bit
of my dad. His mantra was why buy it if you can build it? Sometimes that drove my mother batty when his inventions didn’t work, but he did outfit his own car with an alarm system long before they came on the market. He also rigged his bicycle handlebars so he could hide a knife inside, in case he needed to defend himself while biking around the Detroit riverfront. His basement workshop was an adventurous and fun place.

Even if presented with a kayak rack made of Purpleheart with brushed stainless steel hardware, I would not drill holes in my car roof to install it. Aside from possibly affecting the roof strength, drilling holes in the roof is certainly an invitation for corrosion. Not going to do it. But that doesn’t mean I would scoff at anyone who went that route.

Ingenuity is wonderful, but we all dance to different music.

corrosion or loss of roof strength.

exactly my route…if you follow this avocation then you should know that the project does not corrode or weaken roofs.

Knowing that is more important than doing this.

Knowing what’s happening on the roof is important.

A good example is a failure to address the airflow problems of an upside down open canoe hull on the roof at 70 mph.

that is…buying a hullavator does not solve the problem

Well, you tried slush
Friendly doesn’t seem to produce the desired results…