Hullavator gas spring repair

The part number from Gemini is 8/19 250-599/500N 9.84-23.60/112lbs E 8.9/E8.9
I don t know why the part number is not the same.
The ones you had from Gemini were good as you said ?

The replacement gas springs have now been in use for 3 years and continue to work as well as the originals did.
My spouse and I paddle Delta 16 kayaks with a rated weight of 48 lbs.
Knowing what I know now (if only, eh?) I would go with a somewhat stronger spring, maybe 125 lbs. instead of 110 lbs.?
Using body weight it is easy to ‘cock’ the empty Hullavator in the down position for loading the kayak while bending and reaching under the kayak to release the locking mechanisms and assisting in the initial lifting is much more awkward.

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Given that Thule supposedly has a lifetime warranty on the Hullavator for the original buyer, are they refusing to send replacements?

I as under the impression that Thule had pretty good customer service.

My understanding from Thule in 2018 is that they will replace defective parts (for the original owner) but that they will not provide any replacement parts that require disassembly of the Hullavator.

I’ve been following this post. With the information supplied here and other you tube videos online was able to change the springs in both sets of used Hullavators I bought with worn out springs. Henk at Gemini was very helpful and knew the exact size I needed. I decided to go with 120lbs force, about 535N. The old springs were super easy to remove by drilling a small hole to release pressure. They simply unscrew, no need to drill out the rivet.
I compressed the new spring with a floor jack between the floor and my work bench. Held it in place with hose clamps, sand paper and a piece of close hanger. It took a couple tries to get it right. You want it to short enough to give you a little room to work. Gotta make sure you put the clamps where they are accessable when removing.
When putting it back together I screwed the body side all the way in, then lined up the rod side, screwed it in 1/2 way backing out the other side 1/2 way. You can then release the pressure by cutting the wire or loosening the clamp on the body side. Then finish by screwing both sides in tight and removing all the clamps and wire. They work like new!