I may just buy a greenland paddle.

Thanks, great info from all! (nm)

Think canoe paddle too.
Might be just as good or even better for the grass.

as you grow comfy with the ‘feel’ of your stick and all the different grips the SS becomes pretty automatic. it works for wind, braces, spins, rolls, etc. it’s kinda the essence of the GP.

have fun


Ski Pole
A lot of Florida kayak fisherman use a ski pole or cut off gold club shaft for “poling” in shallow water

Yup To That Too

GP works
My GP works ok in the shallows, with or without sliding or mix it up for a change of pace. But when it’s really shallow, reaching down into the muck and pulling yourself along with your hands works as good as anything. I may try the ski or trecking pole thing just for giggles.