i need you all to be honest

First of all I want to thank you all for all your help and tips on what kind of canoe to buy. Now , I was the guy who posted that me and my brother -in-law were going to isle royale and we were big guys 580lb combined weight. well We bought a old town canoe ( first canoe ) off Craigslist $425.00 17’4 i don’t believe it is made anymore and it was in mint condition , red , 3 paddles ( middle of the road quality on the paddles) was this a good buy?

OT Discovery 174?
Brand-new shape?

425 sounds pretty good to me. You didn’t get rooked, anyway.

You did OK
If it is exactly 17’ 4" in overall length it is probably a Discovery 174 3 layer polyethylene canoe.

It is still made, only it is renamed the Penobscot 174.

If you bought a boat that retails for over $1000 new (not counting tax and delivery charges) for less than half that amount you did fine if it suits your needs.

The only real vice of the Penobscot/Allagash/Discovery 174 is its great weight, which is due to the material. It is a tough boat that will handle a big load, yet is reasonably efficient for its size. I trust you 2 guys can carry it OK.

Kinda hard to assess this
unless you tell us the make and model. If it is a Tripper in the condition you describe then I think you got and EXCELLENT price.

But also, what does it matter? The deed is done. Never look back at things like this. If the boat meets your needs enjoy it to the max. If not, make a change.

…I don’t think it was a bad deal. You did not mention if it was made of royalex or fiberglass or poly. BN Royalex in a Old Town 17’ is about $1600 . a wood canoe paddle is ,mid range is about $35-$45 ave. let’s say …So there’s a ave. of $40 x 3 for $120. $120 from 425 is: $305 for the canoe…not bad …Enjoy , paddle safely.

any boat
Is worth the price if you use it.

Ryan L.

$$$$$$ spent on vests and clothing

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Last time I checked, island + cold water = waves
A good 15 miles off shore from Minnesota.
Getting to Michigan mainland is 56 miles.

That ferry ride is also called the
Vomit Comit for a reason

Capistrano Flip might be good to learn,
being your first canoe/paddling and all.....

Absolutely. You’re on the water now
… and it’s only March. Good job. Could you have found the same boat for 2 cases of beer less? Perhaps. But who knows when that was going to be. Probably not this year. You’re ahead of the game.

Enjoy and be safe.

I have been canoeing on Superior
for many years and frankly I would not make that crossing in a canoe. You will need to find proper drysuits and PLB’s. And rescue training.

And a spray cover and practice practice practice rescues.

The Disco 174 is a good normal lake canoe but with six to ten foot waves a surefire ride to something serious.


I hope you mean
You are going to ferry to the island and then paddle. Crossing to the island from mainland in a canoe is a very dangerous event, difficult for even the most experienced, best equipped paddlers.

Capistrano Flip

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Real hard to do without PFD on your body

Looks easy right ?

It isn't easy without lots of practice.
Dozens failed at an Adventure Race in deep water

Now if you got a ton tied into the canoe...well :-(
We honestly want people to be safe in new canoes

good deal - wo cares?
I read in an article on how to choose a kayak that price doesn’t really matter if you use the boat. A cheap boat that doesn’t get paddled was a waste of money. An expensive boat that gets used a lot was a good buy.

When going to Isle Royale you take the ferry then you paddle on the inland lakes. I think it was best said don’t look back and use the canoe.

thanks again for all your help


DON’T cross in a canoe!
I can only assume the OP intends to ferry over from Copper Harbor, MI or Grand Portage, MN, then paddle and camp parts of Isle Royale. To paddle a small canoe TO the island from either shore is sheer insanity …

Once on the island, there is a lifetime of fine paddling to be had, especially the eastern Five Fingers region. In fair weather, one can go out around the many peninsulas and points, and to offshore islands; in rough weather, you can take the numerous short overland portages from the safety of one bay to the next.

Isle Royale is a raw and rugged rocky b*tch, with sheer cliffs and few safe beaches to land on. Outside the finger bays, most points and open shorelines are exposed to rough water from several directions, making it difficult to launch or land. Perpetual deadly-cold water and hidden reefs. Just choose your weather days wisely, and know when to stay ashore for better weather or fish the bays.

But on good days, there are few places more beautiful. Pristine wilderness, solitude, glorious sunsets, and more fresh air than you can handle.

Seems like on Isle Royale, the bad days are REALLY bad, and the good days are REALLY good.

Have a good trip!



Is the water still cold
— on the inland lakes on the island :wink: