I was just reading the rudder question

Reply to point of order C-1

mr_c …
… ok , now that’s funny !! … you got me , lol !!

I went into the whole “I can call them noes if I want to thing” , and acually was concerned you might be taking offense .

I really don’t want to offend “anybody” , unless of course I really do . I’m bad that way , there’s a little devil in me who doesn’t get much attention and throws tantrums sometimes when ignored … it was his fault , he did it !!

In truth , I’m probably the only one who didn’t get it … I’m slow that way too sometimes , lol .

As for “noes” , I think it must be my own invention for better or worse … it just came out that way one day when writing , and it sort a stuck … several times I have thought about it when writing “yaks” and have considered canoes where getting short changed , so …

I’ll be danged if yaks are going to get away with one upping the noes having pet names and all , lol .

May not win any popularity contest , but the little devil has a rebel complex and needs to get fed … my apologies , but try to understand “he” can be hell to live with sometimes , lol .

guideboatguy , now you’ve gone and …
… done it !!

All day long I’m pushing things around making them move forward (N) , and go sideways (W) at the same time , lol .

The TV controller works great when sliding across the couch , the little cursor arrow on the screen here is pretty good too … walking around on the carpet in socks I end up stopping and making my foot “side slip” … thanks , thanks a whole bunch , I really appreciate it , lol .

This CLR is an interesting effect though , almost broke my neck when I had the lateral push too far aft , lol !! … I’m learning , lol .

Not joking around now , I have always been fascinated with movement , it’s hows and whys … in an airplane there are “two” types of slips , one is the “forward slip” and another is the “side slip” .

With one you drop like a rock and have ailerons and rudder cross controlled to the stops … have to practice it several times with an instructer just to believe in it and have faith you aren’t going to kill yourself (it’s very un-natural to all previous learnings) . When they first try to teach it to you in the air , you have thoughts about this guys mental status (postal wanting company ???) , lol .