If you wear a PFD…which one?

I got tired of too-long or too-thick adult PFDs rated to float people weighing more than half again what I do. I began wearing a youth PFD intended for tweeners and other big “kids.” I tested its flotation thousands of times. No problems.

Then I noticed that the specs for them had changed in the model I used, so I bought a surf ski PFD instead. It offered more size choices, including an adult version that fits me well and is comfortable. I am done, done, done with tolerating ill-fitting PFDs (and kayaks).

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Same, but I use a YAK Rakau in the cooler months, and a Kokatat Hustle when it’s warm.

Where did you get the Yak? I’ve searched for a US seller for several years with no luck. I guess I have a British carcass because their “buoyancy aids” fit my stubby torso really well, better than any US brand I’ve owned to date.

(me in a Yak, tandem canoeing on the River Derwent in Yorkshire, UK)

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On EBay a couple of years ago. I haven’t looked recently.

Using a PFD is 10x more important than which model you choose.


Thanks for everyone’s input. After trying on those that I could, from your recommendations, I went with the Astral EV 8