impex currituck hull flex

I tried an Impex Currituck the other day and when i put my feet on the foot rests I could feel the hull flex where they are bolted on. It shis normal on fiberglass kayaks? The laminate seemed awful thin to me. I have never owned a glass boat but I have paddled several glass boats by WS, P&H, and NDK, and I never noticed this before.

IMpex boats can tend towards
the lighter end of lay ups. I love them and have seen plenty of impex boats put to hard use in rocky new england environs. No failures in my experience.

I’m not familiar with that particular kayak but nearly every manufacturer has some areas they overlook or feel isn’t worth changing but it’s noticable.

light layup
My experience has been that Impex layups are pretty light, especially compared to Brit boats.

Like Peter_K said, they seem to be sturdy enough for most uses. It does make them easier to haul around than their heavier British cousins.

Hull shape
I have a number of Curritucks in my instructional fleet. Most “lighter” composite kayaks will flex on the flatest planes of surface. You probably were not able to flex the hull near the bow or stern due to the hull curvature. The Currituck flatten it’s shallow v out around under the seat and blends into a medium soft chine. Makes for great stability points and nimbleness but sacrifices a tad bit of hull speed as compared to say the Outer Island which is a much more rounded hull. Also the carbon-Kevlar blend would make for an overall stiffer surface with less flex too.

I put my Curritucks through lot’s of use, albeit I care for them well, they perform and hold up great. Have to find a home for a couple of them though so I can get in new ones that I don’t have to polish as often to keep 'em sparkly. :wink: = New Toys!

See you on the water,


I have a kayak which was too flexy under
the foam seat, so I put in two layers of Kevlar with epoxy. Probably added part of a pound, but it strengthened the under-seat area quite a bit.

If I were concerned about flex around the foot pedals, I would put in a couple of layers of cloth.

Easy process to glass in an extra layer or two to stiffen things up if there is concern.


while I may rail against shoddy quality
I have to admit, an extra layer of S glass or kevlar at home can add any extra stiffness you feel the kayak may lack.