Impex Issues

Need an skeg for an Impex Assateague kayak. Now that Impex has folded, any suggestions on parts for their kayaks. Have tried local kayak shops without any luck. Any clue if the skegs where out-sourced to another company?

Broken, cracked, bent?
If the attachment point on the kayak is OK, it isn’t rocket science to make one from scratch. If it can’t be done with glass, carbon, and epoxy, check out machine shops, sailboat repair. They have to fabricate from scratch.

Missing all together
Kayak was purchased, missing the skeg. Boat is in excellent condition, minus the missing skeg. It was acquired, after Impex closed shop. Figured parts would still be available. They seem to have dried up quickly. May have to go the homemade route.

Homemade is always the best
Be brave and start crafting

Impex hatch covers
I was wondering about hatch covers too. Any suggestions?

North Shore Skegs
North Shore Kayaks skeg blades are interchangeable. Valley Canoe Products Large Oval and Small Round Hatch Covers are what Impex used.

Check with your closest North Shore Kayak / Valley Sea Kayak Dealer or drop me a line.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

skeg replacment
Kayaksport makes a skeg kit that includes skeg box, skeg, cable, control knob, control box, cable and misc. small parts.

It comes in two forms, one is epoxied inside the kayak and is flush on the bottom like a “factory skeg”.

The second form is epoxied onto the outside bottom of the kayak and protrudes about 1/8". The edge of this protrusion should be faired with epoxy to reduce the interruption of water flow.

I installed the second form on a Petrel Play I built that had a problem with the first skeg installed. Won’t mention brand as I think problem was probably my fault. Cut 1st skeg box out and needed to use the second form of Kayaksport skeg kit to cover a small repair needed after removing 1st skeg box.

Kayaksport skeg kit (second type mentioned) has the slight protrusion on bottom and after fairing edge with epoxy, it is relatively unintrusive. Only if you are racing could it possibility be a slight problem. In the real world (non-racing) most of us paddle in it’s fine. If you’re anal about appearance, buy the first type Kayaksport skeg kit (internal attachment) even though it’s much harder to install. Do check the degree on “V” on bottom to see how external lip of second skeg box would fit on your kayak keel.

Look for one online to review this option more. I bought my kit from a kayak shop in NYC, I recall New York Kayak Co, but my memory isn’t worth much now.