I’ve heard good things about Impex, and was thinking that their Force series, perhaps the Force 4, might be just what I am looking for (see thread on “Kayak for Surfski paddler”. Anyone out there have any experience with these boats? Behavior in waves? Need for skeg and/or rudder?



New this year.
I just saw one of each at my local paddle shop. Come on demo days!

Email Marshall
We haven’t gotten down there yet - plan to this spring - but he is an Impex dealer in mid-Hudson region of NY and has gotten all of the Force series to his shop. Likely that they’ve had some paddle time in 'em by now. Marshall is a regular on this board - look for his profile.

I have an Impex Assateague, Love it!
I have an Impex Assateague, and I love it. it is very well made,and it performs very well for me. You can read my review here on P-Net, for any particulars you might want to know about the Assateague.

Impex kayaks are performance kayaks, made by performance oriented kayak people. They make what they make well, as that is how they like to do things.

I have never seen the force series, but want to see one. I am afraid my size (270 Lb) would be too much for the largest one. The Assateague fills the bill for my needs.

Best wishes in your quest! :slight_smile:

What he said…
I also have an Assateague and if the Force series in anything like this boat, you will not be disapointed.

The Force boats look interesting and a decent value. The review of one doesn’t say much about handling.

Good products!

Every impex kayak I have ever seen has had outstanding quality control.

I am purchasing an Outer Island tomorrow and I can tell you that it was certainly a factor that the fit and finish was exemplary.


dont own one of their boats but
did look them over at Sweetwater…these boats are very well made and just as important made by paddlers for paddlers…would add one to the stall but i’ve got my sights set on a qaajaq 512 from waterfield kayaks

expedition boat primarily
It is billed as an expedition boat with some emphasis on speed, quick crossings. IMO, it is a pretty nice boat, i.e., it turns fairly well for a long boat (18 feet), rolls fairly nicely, and handles big conditions pretty nicely too. As compared with other classics we discuss here on the forum, for their 1.0 version, it will appeal to a number of folks. I do feel they need to tune the shape of the chine and improve its following sea behavior ( I found it tends to broach in larger waves), but this just my inital take on it. )

Impex has great quality control and they and their dealers provide great service. If you want this primarily as a day boat you may not find it suits quite as well as some other boats that can do double duty a bit better than this one, again, imo only.

thanks, good info
There are a couple of dealers up in MN. I’ll look them up when I get there. I’ve got a few days after I get in before my family does, so that has “quick trip to Lake Superior” written all over it. There’s an Impex dealer in Duluth.


Does this boat in it’s new configuration work well for day use and easy surf play for a larger (6’ 230lb) paddler? In that role any comparisons to an Avocet or Romany? Those are nice boats, but tad tight for my personal liking and didn’t know if this would be a little more spacious with some of the same user friendly handling characterisitcs.

Force Series has little rocker
What sets the Force series apart from the Impex series which includes the Assateague & Currituck is that they have very little rocker, and are designed for going straight, long paddling days.

They are narrower (all under 21"in beam). So they would not be preferable for surf play, maneuvering etc.,and do not compare wth the Romany, Susquehanna etc.n this regard. If you were looking for an Impex boat to do a mix of things (surfing, ocean play, day trips, camping) I think the Currituck, Assateague, Susquehanna would be more fitting. If your interest is more cruising, and covering miles efficiently, long paddling days, the Force series would be a good choice. I demo paddled the Force 4 & 5 at Charles River Canoe & Kayak, the guys there had just taken them on a weekend trip to Penobscot Bay, and were favorably impressed. They thought that the boats turned & maneuvered well considering their low rocker. I happened to paddle the Force 4 in high wind (at least 25 mph) and big gusts, and it stayed on course quite well.

Chatham18/Force comparison?
I keep thinking of a different fast cruiser, maybe something with more rocker than the Chatham 18,have any experience in both?

I love the susquehanna
and the flattish hull and rocker will serve well in surf. At 230 you are pretty heavy for this boat but it’s beam will serve you well.

cool boats.
I like them

Impex Force
I own a Force 5, which has the same hull as the Force 4. I have been waiting till I’ve had the boat out in different conditions before I wrote a review. Here are my limited experiences thus far.

Boat tracks well and turns surprising well for having such little rocker. Cruising speed is easily maintained.

In 20mph winds with 1 to 2 foot chop: boat handled beams winds easily, no need to use the skeg, tracked very well. Into the wind and waves, boat road over the chop, waves were washing over the deck, but I was staying dry.

In following wind and waves, boat seems to be able to catch waves easily ,the back end was kicking out on me a little. I’m not concerned about it, I feel its just a matter of getting use to the boat. The quality of the boat is Great!

Hope this helped.

very much- thanks!