Import Fees? MEC Swellies

I know many of you own the MEC Swellies. I think I’m going to order a pair for my birthday. Did any of you have to pay any import fees when you ordered them into the U.S.? I don’t want to end up paying more than I would for the competitor’s mukluks.



Mine are like 6 years old
but I don’t remember paying extra fees at the time. Actually with the currency conversion at the time I paid like $20 US for them then.


ya get what ya pay for

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Ordered pair for myself & wife few yrs back. No extra fees or duty other than $5 lifetime MEC membership fee. Seem to recall they were like $30/each after exchange & membership fee. Wife's didn't fit & they were out of correct size so after return instead got her a pr of Chota Mukluks (? - the great ones w/ raised heel, arch & ankle support) for approx $67 on sale from Rutabaga.
Wellies glued on sole has split across width just below ball of foot. Thus far neoprene above crack hasn't punctured but figure it's only a matter of time 'till a sharp stick or rock from crossing beaver dam or while lining/wading punches a hole thru thus allowing leakage. That could never happen w/ the heavy reinforced sole of my wife's Chota's. If you plan to use Wellies hard rather than just letting them keep your feet warm, maybe consider an upgrade ? (or, perhaps Swellies are a better boot than Wellies I have ?)

extra fees
I purchased from MEC in September and was not hit with extra fees. Perhaps there is an amount above which such charges kick in? In any event, the mukluks and several other items I ordered at the same time didn’t reach that threshold.

no import fees
I have not encountered any import fees ordering from MEC. However, as I recall, the shipping tends to be around $20, often we order a few things at a time. Usually let other paddlers know we are planning on putting in an order.

on where you live and how this is collected:

You could be on the hook for your state’s sales tax. No fees or duties: NAFTA

Cool! Thanks…
Thanks eveyone,

I didn’t expect to encounter any stiff fees, but MEC website does carry a disclaimer stating that you might encounter import fees. MEC charges $19 shipping. If all goes well, I’ll have them soon. Thanks again for all your help.


no import fees
Just that high $19 shipping charge.

However some items can only be shipped within Canada.

I think thats because they are imported from China and would be subject to duty if resent to the US. Only things originating from North America are covered under NAFTA.

Like canoes!

not true
everything from a third country that is either not available ‘made in north america’ or that has already been paid duty for in another NAFTA country is not subject to import duties when it crosses a border again.

MEC not shipping certain things to other countries or ‘only within Canada’ or ‘only available to Canada and the US’ has other reason: The article is marketed in those countries by another brand/as a different label (at higher prices…) and they have agreements about not spoiling each others markets…Some US mailorder shops don’t send certain things to Canada either for exactly these reasons-