Inflatable Canoe

I am looking to get an inflatable canoe, as I live in an apartment and have storage space concerns.

I boiled it down to these two options:

Sevylor Colorado Canoe

Advanced Elements StraitEdge Canoe

Both can be had for about $350 (with the Advanced Element on sale).

Any opinions, comments, suggestions regarding these two boats?

Much prefer a canoe style, to kayak.

Thanks a bunch!

Probably get a slightly better boat
going with Advanced Elements. I’ve owned both brands and have been happy with the A.E. and not so happy with Sevylor – though Sevylor has retooled recently and is making better boats.

Thanks for the quick response.

What made you unhappy about the Sevylor?

ANy major quality difference between the two brands?

I can easily get the Sevylor at Campmor (live only about 20 minutes from it). Would have to order the Advanced Element online, sight unseen.


A.E. used military valves
Sevylor used boston valves. But that was a few years ago – things may have changed. A few years ago i would have said stay away from Sevylor, but they have retooled. The XK17 looks like a decent boat: 17’, self bailing and designed for the ocean. ($1,000 though)

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with A.E.

If you can scrap up another $500., i would definitely say go with Innova.

If you want canoe behavior, then the
Ally and similar skin on frame canoes are much more canoe-like. They can take surprising abuse, though for whitewater an inflatable would be better.

Unfortunately, skin/frame canoes are quite expensive…