Inflatable Kayaks in Florida

oyster bars
Here’s a link to a blog entry with some photos of an oyster bar.

You would not want to ground into one of these with an inflatable, or with any boat for that matter. I’m very careful around oysters and barnacle covered rocks. I’ve got a good number of battle scars on my inflatable, but no punctures.

Those are nasty. If you do get an Advanced Element make sure you carry plenty of Tear Aid Type B for repairs!

My experiences with AE inflatables
have been very positive and that includes some Class II rivers and getting hung up on rocks and hitting a few submerged limbs. My daughter paddles the 10.5’ AdvancedFrame and I had the 13’ Expedition. Pretty much bullet proof kayaks and never a leak. With my weight (210) I thought there would be major scratches or gouges…barely any scuff marks. Even the hard core white water guys give respect to these well made kayaks. Best bang for the buck out there.

Ditto that.

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I go to FL every winter to see the family and paddle.

I've paddled my Sea Eagle 380X, a Sevylor River X
and an Innova Safari on alligator filled rivers,
the intercoastal waterway, Tampa Bay (my brother
lived in nearby Oldsmar) and on pounding ocean
surf...Even on windy days with t-storms brewing,
I'd have to really go out of my way or be totally
incompetent to paddle on/into any oyster bars.

AE makes good quality (non-pool toy) boats of tough materials, with decently reinforced hulls. (I see them on whitewater runs here in the northeast, running over granite and shale cuts with no problems.

If you like the AE-IKs, don't be intimidated about using them in Florida...Too many damn "experts" on this site knock boats they've never even seen or tried.