Inflatable vs. Hard Shell Kayak

Thanks for sharing that again and keeping it real. WW, at least for most of us, is best learned in a progression. Accelerated learning curves invite “excitement”. The quick response of the rescuers saved a life. The person taking the video needed to put the camera down and join in the rescue attempt if at all possible.

@Brodie really ? to quote you Neither of them should be anywhere near a class II or class III rapid. They are not whitewater kayaks. lol
have you actually seen a sea eagle 300x in action or actually been in one ? ? it is a grade 4 capable inflatable…
it is very stable and will take the wee wee out of class 2…

@bw1265 this is on grade 2/3 more so grade 2

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My wife and I have sea eagle x300s, we have paddled white water such as the lower youghiogheny river (PA) many times (class 2 thru 4). It handles this stretch with no problem. We also take these out on the Great Lakes of Michigan, and occasionally the ocean. The sea eagle is good at doing many things, it’s a sweet vessel. It’s a great intro into paddling, especially river running and white water. Highly recommended.

Good luck, enjoy!