mad dog
Great shots of the camo stearns spree. That’s a neat little boat. I have a spree as well that I just can’t get rid of. It was my first inflatable and sometimes, it’s just the right boat for the circumstances.

I do like the Advanced Elements a lot, and was saving up for an Expedition, for winter paddling. But then an Innova Helios 1 came across my path for a price I couldn’t resist! Great little kayak.

I think the maintenance and storage factors are important if you’re looking for an inflatable because you don’t have space. The nylon shell boats, like the AE and Stearns, and Sevylor K1, trap water and it’s hard to get it out. Not impossible, a good sponging and a couple of days softly inflated will dry them. But if you have a small apartment, that might be a problem. And they get kind of smelly if they’re packed damp.

With my Innova Sunny and Helios, a wipe down and 20 minutes and they’re dry. Plus they’re much, much easier to deflate and roll up (though the skeg on the sunny can be a pain). And they pack smaller.

Unfortunately I hear they’re going way up in price next year, and approaching the cost of a decent hardshell. So for best value for money, the Advanced Elements may be the way to go if anyone is looking to get an inflatable.

I Love That Little Mad Dog
If I had another IK for Kathy, I would start taking it in the van for some trips

I am building the Yost Sonnet
inflatable hybrid 16.

i have hardshells and even a folbot cooper but this one looks like it would be ther perfect travelling boat and if it does half as well as reported by its builders I will be very happy indeed. 22 inch beam, aluminum frame for keelsom and side stringers and inflation tubes makes this a cross between a skin on frame and a scupper pro. build under 300 bucks, folds up in a duffel with the longest piece at 39 inches. Very easy to pack and set up.

Like I said, I just hope it is as good as everyone says it is because it is going down the Amazon with me next year.