Injury question

Shoulder specialist
Sport-oriented ones preferred.

It could be a bio-mechanical issue, that’s not really paddling specific. Only we don’t tend to do anything else repeating 10,000 times with our shoulder!

Now that’s a possibility I have not considered!

Shoulder pain
Funny this topic should come up. I’ve been experiencing symptoms almost exactly like yours since sometime in november. Ibuprofen doesn’t seem to help, more pain when not active or lying on my back. Burning pain so intense that it would wake me at 2,3,4 am. After X-ray and MRI, I got my diagnosis today, tendinitis with slight impingement. Feels much better after a cortisone shot, will be starting PT shortly.

Good luck with your shoulder.

my cure all …
… make a regular habbit of walking/hiking up long steep hills , like a power line or path to the summit of a ridge . Something like 250’ rise per 1/4 mi. , steeper is good too but maybe not better .

There it is , the cure all … and it’s worth much more than you paid for it :slight_smile: