Installing LacingEyelets/Wood Gunwales??

I like Bolt Depot
Truss head screw should do the trick.

Shipping is very fast. Like next day, or maybe second day.

No affiliation, I’ve just ordered from them a few times.

I’m not sure it makes any difference, but with wood on boats I fill the holes with watco before I sink the screws. Can’t hurt, and if you can position the boat upside down and use a syringe, well, it feels like I’m doing a better job, whether it makes a difference or not. Don’t splash watco in your eye!


I do the same thing
It feels like dilligence

contact cement or viobond Northwater’s

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"anchoring strips" an alternative to any drilling..etc. Whatever will work best with your hull's material, Vinyl-Tec, Vinylbond?(think this is more correct than subject's "viobond";-))..or Weldwood contact cement.


Is there any reason why one would
unlace a boat on a routine basis? My MR Synergy is 14 years old, and I’ve never removed the lacing yet. I chose some high grade extra long shoelaces for lacing, and I can’t really see any wear, nor is there detectable sun damage.