Is chewing gum biodegradable?

Chewing gum and school desks,
its forever.

Chewing gum?
A thread on chewing gum?

Oh man…

Fish hazard
So, OK, you spit out your gum and some fish grabs it and swallows it. Now, it’s stomach, which isn’t geared for that kind of intake is going to mix gum with ingested fish and it’s going to become a gooey flopping mess inside of its stomach. The fish will probably die and be eaten by a shore bird which will then ingest the gummy mess in its crop and will die, too. You have initiated Food Chain Death. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I was the cause of FCD. Why don’t you just snap apart your paddle and tuck the gum in the hollow shaft instead? Don’t have a two piece paddle? So break the one you’re using! You don’t deserve to paddle comfortably when you are causing FCD.

Xylitol In Gum
I think I have the spelling correct, but some gum is made w/xylitol, and non sugar sweetener which can kill dogs, don’t know about sea creatures.

I once saw a list of items people would think were easily biodegradable but were not for decades, like orange peels which I’ve seen on trails when hiking. I don’t care if it’s biodegradable in years to come. I still don’t want to see it when I hike.


Welcome, Johnysmoke.
But c’mon. Aren’t you really “Bazooka Joe?”

Let the D.O.T. know
and they might start building our roads out of used gum – just add a thin top coat to keep it from sticking to our tires…


I thought Johnny was spelled J O H N N Y, but I guess johnysmoke knows better. If you’re going to be a troll, learn how to spell your name right, LMAO!!!:slight_smile:

OR, maybe he was Johnny and smoked too much and forgot how to spell his name???


Do your roads get better for driving
in the winter because the

potholes are filled with snow?

Yep. It mixes with a chemical
in dog saliva, and the dog explodes, right before your eyes. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times. Not pretty.