Is this old North Shore kayak the same as an Atlantic LV?

Very nice! The Shoreline Fuego was one of the boats recommended to me for a smaller paddler. What’s it like? Does it have an ocean cockpit? I did once see one for sale but it was too expensive for me so I never got to see it or try it out.

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yes it has a ocean cockpit but at 50yrs old and of slim build i get on with it i’m a newbie to sea kayaking well kayaking in general. i have paddled it a force 4-5 and the boat handles lovely…
my stats
67kg - 68kg (147 lbs) (10stone 8lbs)
inside leg is 30"
here is a trial i did turned my fuego into a ergo

I like the boat. I’m about your size, a stone lighter and, I’m guessing , wider hips. Can I ask where you got it? Used?

i have 32" waist so need a little hip padding.
i bought it second hand… £400 about £500
the best bit is i joined a club i was using club boats and this boat came up for private sale else where so i bought it only to find out that the boat was originally the club boat :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It came home again! Good score. The one I saw was more than twice that. I guess they are less common in the US than the UK.

other way round like rocking horse poo here but i found some LOL $800 about right i saw an advert for £750 about $900
but keep your eyes open for 1 that may need tlc mine needed a little but nothing to break the bank :wink:
the work was done before i bough it so happy days there, all i fitted was new rear hatch seal £10 $12 which was a little dearer than what it can be obtained for but the seller had already sent it and wanted £15 for it i said i can get it alot cheaper so settled on £10 inc p&p

@Doggy_Paddler did you ever manage to find a kayak ?

Yeah, I bought the Impex Montauk in 2019. I like it! But I am still scouting for another good used composite boat, and I always keep an eye out for the North Shore boats. Pretty slim pickings these days though. Hope you’re still enjoying your sharp-looking Fuego.

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this is my kayak when i bought it on the left and now i have a new design on it :slight_smile:

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Sean, I watched your video for the deck lines. Very nice. I may do that too. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

The North Shore Fuego has a cousin; The North Shore Freewater (Trek). Their brochure, from that company (prior to Valley owning it) states that the Fuego and Freewater are the exact same hull. The Freewater has no forward bulkhead or hatch - the aft hatch is the same as the Fuego. The composite build and workmanship is truly excellent. They’re tough little boats.

I paddled an Avocet and a Romany before deciding on this one. This is the best fit for my size. And so much fun learning to paddle it.

don’t forget you need longer cord than the original…
what i did was get some old length of of thin rope tied it off then knotted it put through next conectionon kayak and did more knots so on down one side cockpit too bow, mark the rope then untied it all measured rope and doubled it, that was the front section and the did the rear same way…