Jetboil campstoves

i was a jetboil gear tester a few years ago on the AT… nice concept but the pot is too tall and narrow… cleaning is a pain after cooking something like deluxe mac n cheese… my hand and wrist get covered in food gunk. plus you couldnt use other pots without that new special attachment (more crap to carry)

if you were out of fuel you cant use the pot with any other brand stove, nor can u cook over open fire with it… which is too many restrictions IMHO

i ended up sending it home and switching to a pressurized alcohol stove i made from beer cans. I could get 2 cups to a rolling boil in 4 min using a windscreen, and 1 liter pot w lid.

i either picked up denatured alcohol when i could or used ISOHOT gasline antifreeze in the “yellow” bottle… old soda bottles work great for carryin these types of fuel

Seems like a lot better options than it
are available on the market - stoves that are smaller, lighter, and more versatile.

Jet Boil
I would respectfully disagree. Stoves…yes. Systems…no. What JetBoil did is put together all that is needed to do simple cooking/heating into a complete package. Are there self-collected and assembled combinations that do the same thing? Of course. However, JetBoil provides a solution that was not previously available in a single, attractive, simple and very convenient package. It will be widely copied, if only because it is a very good idea that operates pretty much as promised. People seem to like to use it and seem to like how it works; I certainly do. This is the essence of marketing, finding a need and then competently filling that need at an affordable price. My opinion is that they have done just that. We’ll see if those who copy it have the same success or if JetBoil is facile enough to keep adding new products that meet their customers advancing needs and expectations.

Easy on the pocket too, $69 at one of
the big boxes.

I love mine it does what it was made for
BOIL water. That is all I want for. From there I can make any meal that I brought with me, coffe, hot choc, soup, oat meal and it only take about 2.5 min to boil 2 cups of water. One thing I don’t do with it is eat out of it so I never have to clean it.

for me, "meal"
consists of more than coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and instant oat meal

Reread what I wrote I said any meal I
bring with me plus the others items that I mentioned. The meals include; chicken breasts, hamburgs, garlic mashed potatoes, eggs and sausage, eggs and bacon and other meals. The other items that I mentioned are in addition to these.

I’m sorry
You said it was made for boiling water, and that that’s all you want it for. Are you saying you make hamburgers, eggs, sausage, and bacon in it too?

Sorry, I’m a little slow today

I thought everything that followed “I can make any meal that I brought with me” was an enumeration, a list of what you could make

Yep, there are lots of good tasting
freeze dried and dehydrated foods out there. Quick and easy to make.

and here I was…
trying to figure out how to do bacon in that little cup…

not cheap!

jetboil accessories
I think i could live with the jetboil if they offered a wok attachment.

Q. E. D.

Canadian bacon!


tell me more
Please tell me more about this alcohol burning thing you guys are talking about… am trying to decide whether to eat on my trip or drink my dinner… Bratt

“more than . . . .
coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and instant oatmeal.”

How about smoked salmon pesto with fresh asparagus? With a little planning you can eat 5 star out of a single pot.

I can’t ask anything…
can I???