Kayak and Canoe Storage Racks

I have two old Feathercraft skin kayaks, two CD kayaks and two canoes. I also have an old stable for storage. I’m looking for ideas for a homemade storage rack(s). I’d like to at least be able to stack the two canoes (relatively easy but in/out can be a bit tricky) and the two CD kayaks. Last time I search I noted that some had posted this (non-stacking) rack that I though was a good idea but did not include dimensions and I can’t relocate it on the site. Can it be modified to stack?

I think those are by @PaddleDog52

Here is a thread that has the original image:

Kayak rack that doesn’t deform kayaks? - Advice - Paddling.com

Maybe PD can give you some measurements.

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For about the past 20 years I have been using large metal shelving brackets that I have bought at Home Depot. You can see them in the picture (white in colour) and I tape foam to them to protect the boats.


I can store 6 boats on this rack. Have a large tarp that goes over it.

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Dimensions? And, I assume the peak is there for the tarp and would not be necessary under cover.

Canoe goes over the top, then the tarp. Center sections hold my surf ski and one of my kayaks. The other four areas hold 3 other boats.