Kayak camping newbie

Dry ice…
Sometimes you can get it through a local pharmacy. Sometimes you can get it from a pathology lab. Sometimes you can get it from a local ice company. It is more available than you think, but it is not well advertised. It is great stuff, but it most be intelligently handled. Touch it and lose skin. Break it into pieces to fit your need and wrap it in 2 or 3 layers of newpaper and it will last for a loooong time.

Coffee - I use tarps all the time (hate tents). I would be interested in those pics that you have that show various setups. I have about five different variations that I use depending on the time of year, the location, and the predicted weather. I use a lightweight 6x8 as a ground cover and a heavy-duty 9 x 12 as a cover tarp. They have never failed me yet. I also carry a mil-issue skeeter net.

Oh yeah,
Don’t forget the earplugs.

I agree
I definately sleep better on a thermarest over ground, closed cell foam or airmattress.


Frosty beers
I alway, always, did I say always use the small 6 pack lunch coolers, that stow so nicely, BUT the drawback to my way is having to drink canned beer instead of bottled. I place 6 cans of beer in the cooler, fill with water and deep freeze prior leaving home. Hopefully and when all goes right when I crack open the first of the day, i have to chip my beer from the ice.

And if using a larger cooler containing all perishables, frozen beer and frozen anything else helps in keeping all items chilled.

and of course a bottle of Cabernet for the sit down around the fire


Great idea removing handles
I have an older set of teflon coated aluminum pots and fry pan. The handles are screwed on. Easy to remove. I think I will try this route first. Thanks again. Off to buy a $6 pot grabber.

8" inch teflon fry pan
I manage to get away with a 8" inch teflon fry pan with folding handle.


Why would anyone carry a machette plus a k-bar knife plus a Gerber multi-tool? Don’t carry any of those things. A Leatherman Wave is all the knife you’ll need. Gerbers can pinch.

Slumberjack makes a nice Thinsulate bag that comes with a compression stuff-sack. The +30F bag compresses to the size of a football. No need wasting money on compression dry-bags.

Thermarest is the only way to go. They don’t delaminate in the heat and come with a repair kit.

GSI cooksets are the best value for the dollar that I’ve found. I use steeless steel because Telfon is impossible to take care of with all the sand I camp on. I find all of MSRs cooking gear to be over priced.

Small nylon tarps are always handy to have. I carry two 5’x7’s. Ponchos are okay for backpacking when you have a pack to cover and don’t want the added weight of a tarp but a rain coat or paddling jacket is far superior for rain protection and two tarps are cheaper than one good poncho.

I don’t carry gasoline because of the threats it can pose to water and the fire danger from gas stoves. I don’t know very many experienced backpackers who don’t have a blazing stove story to tell. When seals fail serious problems can occur. That’s why it’s recommended that you never light a stove in a tent. Both gasoline and propane can flare up. Gas can keep burning after you shut the value if there is a leak. Propane doesn’t suffer as many problems.

Don’t carry any down sleeping bags or clothing. The relative humidity next to a river can be absorbed by down. When camping near water carry as much synthetics as you can. Wool, cotton and down are all a pain when wet.

I’d have at least four dry bags without any of them being very big. It’s far easier to trim your boat when you’re not working with bulky items.

When packing a tent it’s okay to separate the poles from the tent to make it easier to pack. I’ve found that sometimes I have to fold my tent to fit it in a dry-bag while stashing the poles elsewhere.

Water storage is important. When paddling salt water or muddy rivers pumps can be useless. I use collapsible 1qt square water containers. This way I can use them to trim my boat plus I can store them with little air inside for less sloshing around.

A 4lb bulk propane tank is great to have. I run a lantern, heater, shower and stove off of mine.

For beer I’d recommend a soft sided extra insulated cooler that scientists use in the field. Ben Meadows carries them.

I could go on and on. There’s nothing I love more than camping. Have fun.

Machette, K-bar, Gerber…
Machette for clearing obstructions & fire wood.

K-bar for an “all-around camp knife”, including hammer & for digging (fire pit)

Gerber for “other tasks”

Paddle easy,