Kayak Cart ?

At a couple areas, I have been forced
to use a boat launching ramp, usually due to big rocks surrounding the boat ramp and launching area.

I used a cart with rubber tires and sufficient width to work near the middle of my canoe. I loaded everything into the canoe at the parking lot, and easily walked the loaded canoe down the boat launching ramp into the water, untied the knot securing the cart while wading in water, put the cart into the canoe, and off I went paddling.

When back to the ramp, waded in, put the cart under the middle of the canoe, secured it in place, and walked it up the boat launching ramp and back to the parking area.

This method actually turned out to easier and faster than using a sandy shore. It would not work very well in a crowded boat launch where everyone is waiting, and somewhat impatiently.

An SOT is more ideal for this method, as I used pvc pipe to make a cart and the pvc goes straight up through the water holes. Really cool. I used to secure it and leave the wheels up top, when on the road, until I had to pay a higher toll for having an “extra axle”!

There are lots of options for you to try. Good luck!