Kayak for 7 y/o

Thanks for all the great information, I’ll most likely go with the scout, we will be using them mainly on camping trips as a way to get out on the water, and a little slow river usage around the house, again thinks for all the good links, and info.

Just got my 7 year old daughter a Umiak
I was going to wait until Christmas but we got a couple of warm days in a row (80-85 degrees) So we took it out on a gentle lake. She absolutely loves it! Only drawback is she wants to go on all the trips now.

Too wide is not too bad
My boys got their first boats when they were about 6. The important thing is that they got started early. I built a boat for one but he quickly outgrew it. It was OK because he was the oldest. Even befor ethey had their own boats they play in canoes and kayaks from the time they were 4 or 5. Take the boats to the local swimming hole this summer and get them started early with what ever boats you have.

If they paddle too slowly or can’t go far then you get a nice workout by towing them.

Plastic boats are the best because children like to play bumper boats at the top ramming speed. They don’t have any stamina but they recover quickly. Bring a ball and play polo or soccer on the water. Have races. Stand up and do any crazy stunt you can. You and the chidlren will grow as paddlers.

Kit /planoptions
and there are many more…





NC Kayaks option
Here is another option:


NC Kayaks makes good boats, but I don’t really know anything about this model specifically. Seems like a lot of money for something a kid will outgrow, but at least another option.

She’s one happy little girl!!!
It was a pretty exciting morning once my daughter received her new Current Designs Raven:


(scroll down the page for this mornings pictures)

We’re off paddling tomorrow morning. :slight_smile: