Kayak for a small paddler

Looksha 12Si vs Islay 12 LV?
You guys have been awesome helping me out so far. I really appreciate it.

So I think I’ve narrowed my search to 3 kayaks: The Easky 13, Looksha 12Si and Islay 12 LV.Am I right in saying that the Easky would be the fastest of the group, or would these others keep up?

You all seem to think the Islay 12 LV is the “Cadillac” of the bunch, but what makes it so? Can you compare it to the Looksha 12Si and tell me what makes it a better boat, if that’s true?



Get wet
C’mon by and put the Islay on the water. Test paddle fee at this time of year includes the rental of a Kokatat Expedition Drysuit as I’d rather you have fun and not be a peoplesicle. Also that way you’d have the chance to play with other toys that I didn’t elaborate on given your original parameters (North Shore Aspect LV, Valley Avocet LV, North Shore Atlantic FG LV, P&H Cetus LV - just ‘cuz they happen to be in the boathouse next to the ramp)

Yah’, I’m looking for excuses not to be doing paperwork in the Showroom.

See you on the water,


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Stuck in the office
Believe me. That’s what I’d rather be doing! I hope I get the opportunity to get out on the water this weekend. Finally supposed to have some nice weather! Maybe I’ll head over to that shop where they have the Easky and rent it. Then tell the comptroller I should probably buy it while I’m there :slight_smile:

sparrow hawk
Old wilderness systems sparrow hawk? $700 and it’s three hours away from you.

that is a treacherous, slippery slope
I used to have my kayak hung from the ceiling in a former dwelling. My girlfriend at the time began using it as a potted plant holder sometime in midwinter, and when it was time to paddle it in spring, I had to weed it first.

That may be too tight for a starter boat
A local guy has one, and while I like a tight fit the Sparrow is really, really tight.

Yea, probably right, but $700!

I know it’s not a good deal if it’s the wrong boat.