Kayak Paddle advice for first timer

Let me know about those Greenland paddles he has in there after you meet up with him… I might be interested in those, but don’t feel like driving down to Goffstown unless it’s worth it lol.

Those 2 on the far right look like the best ones, all carbon. The ones with the colored blades are fiberglass. The Greenland paddles look potentially nice as well. Hope it works out!

I managed to grab the 230cm fiberglass Werner paddle from that FB marketplace link you posted. I would have bought a 240 as well if he had one but 230 was the longest available and all others were considerably shorter (too short for me). I will give this one a try, and try some others over this season to figure out what works for me before thinking about buying one new. I have a feeling I’ll have this forever as my spare/backup paddle at a minimum! Thanks again everyone for your helpful tips.

Excellent! You might like the 230 just fine. Let us know how it works out for you.

I paddle my tandem 21’ x 32" Libra with a 215 Ikelos no problem low and high angle.

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It’s not that many, but I’ve made money on every kayak I ever bought then sold, other than the single one I bought new in the store. I think I lost $40.