Kayak rack that doesn't deform kayaks?

Depends on you boat width. Your boat s is how wide?!

They’re CD Oracles - 21.5 inches wide.

Back this weekend.


Goodboy kayaks are my first choice.

The V Bars are easily removable.
Cottage industry made in the USA.
Very Sturdy.
Interchangeable–same base for a 36 inch wide canoe or a 15 inch sprint K1.
One of my favorite parts is that you can throw a bungee over the hooks on the vbar and be ready to roll in seconds.

I love these racks.
Totally worth it.

You can make bottom cross brace ( span between uprights) 24" height can be low or high I made both. Angles are 16" with 45° on both ends. Feet I make 2’ long 45° angle on ends.

Pressure treated wood and 3.5" stainless steel screws.

Finish washers on straps 1.5" SS OVAL head screws to fit the washers. 3" webbing you can buy on eBay military spec by the foot. Figure it’s about 20 bucks each stand. Stacking I’ll post a picture tomorrow of a different rack I made 12 years ago. Not tight on space you can make them 26" wide if you had a wider boat it would fit. Chop saw it takes me less than 20 minutes to make them. Really only need a skill saw it even a good hand saw. I’ll measure heights tomorrow.


I agree that V-bar racks are very solid, versatile and under-appreciated in the kayak world. The ability to put the Vs where you want them is great, and the long bar functions as a shock absorber, lessening stress on the hull on rough roads.

I’ll put in a vote for Kayakpro EZ-Vee racks, very happy with mine for 14+ years. Looks like the price has come down, they’re about the same as Goodboy now. They hold the boat a little lower, are lighter and I prefer the design. I’ve used both, both are good, but now use 2 Kayakpro on the car.


Great boat lol CD fan boy here.

What holds the feet / towers to the roof?

On early (modern) Mini models, there are threaded studs attached to the roof frame, the towers attach directly to the studs. When the rack isn’t installed, there are small plastic covers that slide into place over the studs. It’s very solid, I’m pretty sure you could lift the car from those points if you wanted to. Current models moved to a standard setup.

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Don’t leave hull on the car at night. :joy: