Kayak Security

or a really heavy kayak
the bigger and beefier, the better

is duct tape out?

have you seen these???
jackson kayaks promotes them…


Better photos
These show the bungees and how far foreward and aft the kayakpro carrier holds the boat:



The system works well, and I see no wear on the bungees yet.

Update: SPT
Just bought Stick Protection Technologies secure tie downs and think they are great. Wrote up a short review that should appear in a day or two.

Thumbs up on these regarding build quality, ease of use, security afforded, etc.


Sorry Marshall - ordered these before you said you were going to carry them.

I used a club
on my cockpit to provide a pt to wrap a cable around. Cables really just keep the honest people honest. Bring the boats into the hotel room with you. Park near the office if you can not.