Kayak storage

First off, I know the basics: indoors, out of the sun. After that, I see two options and would love some input:

  1. I build a rack over my cars and slide the yak up there when it is not being used. I have heard tales of oil canning however, when a kayak rests on the bars/slats of a rack - particularly when it is there for some time such as thru a northeastern winter.

  2. The second choice that I have heard is to store it upright on its stern in a corner. I would imagine that the oil canning risk is minimized, but all of the weight would now be resting on a very small portion of the hull. I don’t see that as desirable.

    I don’t believe that wall mounted storage would work in my garage.

    Any thoughts?

Dealers stand them on end
Most kayak dealers store boats on end in some type of rack system so they can’t be knocked over by careless customers. It you have a high enough ceiling it’s a safe way to store your kayak. Other wise you could build a cradle with enough support points to spread the weight over a large area or just hang it from slings.

Pulley system

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above the cars? I'm going to do it in my new garage when we move. I plan to put the slings around the bulkheads to help keep the shape.