Kayak Storage ?

I’m planing on storing my kayak in a unheated garage will this cause any harm to the yak? It will be stored on it’s side with foam blocks for support the yak has a gel coat finish. Thanks FishHawk

…in addition
What about summer in a hot garage?

I hang mine with…

…wide straps at the bulkheads with no trouble,

similarly placed blocks should be good. Might keep it

out of direct sun through a window.

Never had a problem in winter
or in summer. I have had 12 boats (11 kayaks, one canoe) both polys and composites in an unheated garage for years, and never had a problem.

garage storage
My garage is unheated & not airconditioned either. Summer temps are more of a concern where I live than the winter. I’ve got all my boats on one wall of the garage (10’high walls). My canoe is at the top, upside down resting on it’s gunwales on posts that are very securely attached to the wall. Hanging from the roof are 2 ropes that come down on either side of the canoe(around the canoe). These ropes have more ropes tied to them with small pieces of pvc pipe threaded onto the rope. This makes slings that I slide my kayaks onto. Three kayaks hang under the canoe, on on top of the other with about 6" between each boat. On the floor, under all this, is my last kayak sitting on foam blocks. Keep the ropes near the bulkheads on the kayaks. This was the most efficient way for me to store all my boats. The boat on the floor is the one I use the most. I also hang all my paddles on two 2x4’s that stick out of the wall. Garage always seems to be cooler inside than outside temps during the summer and I’ve not had any problems because of temps.

That’s exactly where I store mine.
One hangs from straps at the bulkheads and one is on its side overhead. No heat or A/C. No trouble so far.

No problem
I’ve hung glass, glass/kevlar and wood/glass/epoxy kayaks over my car with narrow straps that are not under the bulkheads (under the main hatches instead). No problems with any of them. This is an unattached, unheated two-story garage.

I’ve never heard of a composite boat warping - anyone?