Kayaking instruction with Tony Kramer

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased my first kayak, and, being a total novice, I thought taking some classes might be a good thing to do. I was thinking about signing up for a private session with Tony Kramer. Has anyone out there (especially paddlers in Georgia) heard of him, and, if so, does he have as good a reputation as I’m being led to believe he does? I could certainly sign up for group lessons elsewhere, for considerably less $$$, but, feel that having one on one instruction would be more beneficial to me in the long run. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions??

Thanks guys!


congrats on the kayak
what model did you get?

Thanks…I’m pretty jazzed…
I bought a WS Tsunami 120 about a month ago, but, haven’t had a chance to take it out yet…still trying to decide which car rack system to buy (and, trying to save extra $$$ for all of the accessories - who knew that they would all end up costing more that the darn boat!!)ha ha.