Kayaking with Dog?

kayaking with pooh
well my outdoor club of south jersey{OCSWJ.org} does runs trips for those have animals…pooh/dogs whatever they are called heheh

well they do have plenties of trip in the pine barrens and have pfd for their dogs …just like paddles have…maybe when in the area of south jersey can take a trip in pine barrens it lovely places to paddle

Three Options
1. Tandem Sit-On-Top

2. Tandem Sit-Inside with large center hatch.

3. Canoe

Definitely rent first and try it out.

Best of Luck!

All dogs can swim right?

I though the same way, till a couple years ago i tried to take my boxer swimming, he sank like a rock.

youd think he would figure out the doggie paddle, but no. He almost drowned.

Boxers and water?
Aside from the garment - seriously, my first thought was that in general boxers and deep water aren’t a great idea. I don’t much have the sense of them as swimmers. Even if you got a doggie PFD it’d only make the dog safer, not necessarily happy to be on the water.

I presume your wife wants to being the dog along because she likes the animal - how about you rent or borrow a big old tank of a canoe and take a few practice paddles near shore to see whether the dog is happy about the idea to start with? If you get lucky, the dog won’t like it and so your wife will let it go, then you can talk about paddling without the canine complication.

dogs and kayaking

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Each dog is different! Some of my dogs have loved paddling, and others have hated being in any boat. My lab mix sits in my recreational kayak cockpit, just in front of me. She'll go for 3 day river camping trips (on a gentle stretch of the Wisconsin river, where she can run along the sandbank when she gets bored of sitting), and she can jump out of the boat and climb back in without causing any upsets. She's also fine in canoes, sit-on-tops, and she'll run along the beach while I paddle my touring kayak.

Boxers often seem to hate deep water, I hate to say. Our boxer mix can't swim an inch and wouldn't go near any boat in a million years.

You can try paddling along beaches or rivers where the dog can run on shore. A collie mix we had in college used to go whitewater kayaking with us--the other dogs kept up on the bank, but the collie would hop into gentle rapids and ride down them, barking all the way; then she'd climb on the bank, run back up river, and ride the rapids again, just for fun. She loved them. (Yes, I know, the other kayakers thought we were all nuts, but this was 25 years ago, when people weren't so eager to tell other people what to do).

So if you want to try boating with your boxer, start in shallow water with a canoe and see how she does. Make it fun--lots of treats and praise. If she likes it, and she's a good dog in the boat, borrow a rec kayak with a big cockpit and have the dog sit between your legs, where she's more likely to stay quiet and behave. Tons of treats and praise will make success a lot more likely. And be prepared for the dog to reject the entire idea--but who knows, she might break the boxer mold and love your boats.

Ocean Kayak Sidekick

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Made for a person and small child or dog. Mine was $572 new. I take my 70 pound White Shepherd with me on the lake. She LOVES it! Haven't been on a river with her yet.

Tiva makes a good point that all dogs are different. I actually have two dogs, but only one goes kayaking with me - the other absolutely hates water (35 pound whippet/lab/shepherd mix).

Don't forget a CFD!

Yeah, why take the dog?

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Dogs should be chained to a tree out back, fed and watered 2x day. Why in blazes would you want to give it attention or quality time?


When I had a canoe the dog laid in the middle for ballast and stability. There’s a dog in Sooke, Vancouver Island, who sits on the bow (and a mat is on the deck) and is able to roll with the kayak like a logger running a log. I’ve included a link to two big dogs sitting in a kayak (http://pics.woodenpropeller.com/Kayak.html). The Southwind kayak is great for dogs. Here’s an article/webpage called kayak dogs: http://www.southwindkayaks.com/KayakDogs.html



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