Kayaks on a Honda Fit

how about a Mazda 5?
I think they are really cool looking (for what it is), with the added utility of the sliding doors.

Thanks everybody!
Thanks for the info and pics, but my hubby wasn’t too keen on drilling holes in a new car to install the racks, and he was worried about voiding the warranty by ignoring Honda’s limitations…so we bought a Subaru Forester and had the kayaks on it an hour after we brought it home!!

I LOVE the Forester, but I must admit that I do miss the Fit every time I go to the gas pump!

roof weight limit
I don’t think most people pay any attention but there is a weight limit in the owners manuals for roof racks. I recently went to put my 2 kayaks on the roof of my wife’s 2007 RAV4 and found out that they were over the recommended weight limit for the roof. Just because you can fit kayaks on a roof does not mean it is safe. The manufacturer tells you what the car is designed to do. If you choose to ignore that warning then it’s on your head. Just because people here did it and had no problem does not mean it is safe by any means. Is it worth it to get in an accident or have your roof warp from the stress on such a small vehicle? I am not sure why you would want to do that anyway. A good windy day and with yaks on your roof you will be at the mercy of nature with that small car. I would not want to call my insurance man and explain how my car got damaged because I was carrying 2 boats bigger than the car on it…lol

Fit is a hybrid car

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Well for one thing the fit is a hybrid gas/electric I believe not the same as the corolla or echo which are ordinary front wheel drive vehicles. The drive train would not be the same as an ordinary front wheel drive vehicle. They don't give you a rating for towing because they are not meant for towing nor were they tested for towing. They are strictly high gas mileage people movers.

**** UPDATE****

I did some research and the Fit is not a hybrid I had it confused with another model. My bad... so scratch everything I said except the part that I would listen to the dealer before some of these well meaning paddler when it comes to safely carrying yaks on your car.....:)