Kayaks sold out everywhere?

That could get me in trouble. :slight_smile:
In fact, a kevlar Solstice GTS just came up and I’ll need to sell my Impex Montauk to buy it. The good news is that the seller hasn’t responded…

One of the problems with used boats sold by owner is that not too many people really want strangers showing up now to look at a boat. Most of these boats are normally sold locally because buyers want to see them in person and sellers do not want to deal with the hassle of shipping them.

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How much do you want for the Montauk? :wink:

Depends on where you live. I am easily able to place stuff for sale on my lawn and allow the prospective buyer to examine it at their leisure while I stand 15 feet away. I’ve sold several things since the pandemic began without ever getting close to anyone.


I have not had folks come to my house when selling a kayak after a bad experience over 10 years ago. Since then, I have met folks at a public beach with easy kayak launching if they want to test drive. Daytime only and not just b4 sunset either. Lots of social distancing available if so desired.

So not to waste my time other than the phone call, I have talked several people out of buying a kayak from me because it is not what they need - or I just didn’t feel comfy with them over the phone. Safety first, mine and theirs.

Well…the kevlar Solstice is listed at $1100.

So…$1100… :slight_smile:

…including three new hatch covers, the more expensive versions… And I’d throw in a paddle or two…they seem to be multiplying, like the rabbits and wild turkeys around us…

Ok, thanks. I’ll try to talk my spouse into it, but I don’t think it’s in the budget this year. Hope you get the Solstice!

I know a girl who just traveled 8 hours to buy…a Pungo. It’s nuts.

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It has been said that bicycles, canoes, and kayaks are the new toilet paper. And are just as available. Also, the lumber racks at Lowes, H.D., and the local lumber yard look just as empty as the TP racks were a few weeks ago.

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I ended up putting a deposit on a boat. Will be available in mid September. About 2 hours away.

It’s because Kayak manufacturing employees weren’t considered “essential workers” so many companies had to close for COVID. I just ordered a Advanced Elements Epedition Elite and the shop where I ordered it from said they have no idea when they are going to get it in. I guess you just have to be patient. Things will get better.

My step-daughter really wanted a kayak a couple of weeks ago (early July). Her boyfriend was able to get a couple of Impex K-1 inflatables from e-bay for about $150 for her birthday. They seem to be very popular on our local lake (almost the only ones I see). Before buying on e-bay, I looked around a bit and most places were sold out or didn’t expect availability until late summer. After the purchase, I joined them at the lake in my hardshell. I took it for a test drive and I was surprised at how nice it was. For a short distance recreational paddle kind of outing, it’s perfect and you don’t need to mess with a rack or find storage if you live in an apartment. They also make a two person model (I think it’s called the Explorer).

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. A flyer was delivered in yesterday’s mail from Dunham’s Sports, a box store selling sporting goods. Advertised 10 to 20% off all boats in stock. Brands noted were Pelican, Sundolphin Lifetime, Perception and Old Town.

Location may have something to do with availability as this is a northern Great Lakes area where kayaking has been popular for several years and many already have boats.

My son bought that same exact boat , in a two seater for him and his gf. They love it. :blush::blush:

I’m thinking that I’m fortunate. Trey from The Power of Water dropped off a Delphin in my Driveway back in May. It was fresh off the truck from Tennessee.

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I think it highly likely that if you have patience, and you do a lot of searching, you’ll find a whole lot of boats available at bargain prices in the not so distant future. Like next summer…

I view a lot of recent recreational kayak purchases as “spur of the moment” buys. A lot of “jump on the band wagon” buys are occuring. After a few uses of those boats, the new “thing” thrill is going to fade away. The boats will become bug & dust traps, space taker uppers, and besides… you can use the sale the money for a new “thing”. Maybe 2 or 3 grand for a couple of brand new, SUPs outfits?
Joe Bob and Brandi down the street have 2 new SUPs, and say they’re having a ball with them; a lot more fun than our Pungos!!!
Those Pungos won’t even go straight…
Man, I really love Joe Bob’s candy colored, metal flake paint job he has on his SUP!
Or maybe get a couple of pack boats, like Brad, and Karen bought after they sold their jet ski? :wink: We could use the pack boats at the city park lake. Remember when we tried to use our jetski there the first time, and everyone got pissy with us…
What the heck; we could get some whitewater kayaks! We don’t need any classes; we already have 7 hours of seat time in our Pungos!
We’re good to go honey!!!



You hit the nail on the head with your observation. Well done!

Have you contacted Lancaster County Marine, a large paddle sports dealer in Lancaster, Pa?


Yep, I work Part time at Dicks Sporting goods, we can not get deliveries in… We get in five a week and could sell 10 a day… Hang in there, we do see inventory loosening up.

Hang in there. As others have suggested keep an eye on Craigslist. I really, really, wish I’d bought a good used boat off Craigslist for my first boat. I think I my first boat for about 1.5 years before I sold it to fund the 2nd one (which I love). I’d have never known that the things I thought I wanted in a boat weren’t the things I’d end up needing/liking for the type of exploration we do.