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Kayak/Tandem/Swimming Lessons
Arkay, there is no doubt that swimming lessons are a plus, but still, a flotation device is what will always save you in my mind, because ultimately, if you tire, or lose dexterity, you can float and hope help comes soon if you’re in cold waters. Word here in WA State is that most drownings are people w/o flotation devices.

Evidently tandem=divorce is a popular terminology, and for myself, I agree, but also see why others can make it work.

Lou, now I know why you’re a wise guy; you’re from NY where I moved from 12 year ago to WA state:) I didn’t start kayaking until I got here, using rentals until I just bought my own. I’ve read online about a big kayak tour or race around the city. You probably already know about that.

Bye, Capri

dont go near the water…
till you learn how to swim.

What a great way, perhaps, to get a spouse comfortable with the water. A good PFD, flat water, close to shore — sounds ok to me. My wife and I have been paddling tandems for years, 26 and counting and have yet to utter the “D” word.

I’m from the south, water is hot in the summer, cool in the spring and fall, and somewhat cold in the winter so I may be a bit slanted with my simple thoughts here but HECK GUYS, take a chance, build the relationship, try new things.

Someone wrote, if you dont know how to swim, stay away from the water ---- pity.

cheers to all,


Who the **** do you think you are making a statement like that?

Heck why would anybody want to try something new if they didn’t have all the required skills.

With that attitude you might as well kill all youth sports.

I sure hope your an expert paddler.I would hate to see in need of advice in a new hobby.