keeping thermarest pad dry

Love Big Agnes
This is our arsenal of camping equipment and we love it:

Big Agnes Madhouse 3 (kayak camping – not for backpacking - IMHO)

Big Agnes Horse Thief Sleeping Bag 30 degrees

Big Agnes Insulated Mat (LOVE IT!) [you can get the airbag to blow it up now – similar to the Exped Mat system.)

Yes items are a bit pricy and we shop at campingbuddy on eBay, but we’ve been happy and comfortable with this setup.

variation on an old trick
Been a backpackers trick for decades, and it absolutely works.

sealline waterproof zip duffels…or
I pack my gear in these: My thermarest fits fine with a lot of other gear in there, too.

A few years ago, I purchased a long narrow roll-top dry bag from REI. Something along the line of this…

Mine isn’t exactly like the one pictured, but it was similar. Mine is no longer waterproof, but I still use it for things I want to keep clean or out of the water in the bottom of the boat, even if not totally waterproof. The thermarest fit in it, but it was a tight fit and I spent a lot of time squeezing enough air out to make them fit. I have the full-sized comfy thermarest, so it may be larger than what you have.

I do the same
The compactor bags inside a nylon bag works for me too.

I twist the top of the compactor bag, fold over and use a small loop of bungie to secure. Women’s ponytail holders work for the loop of bungie. It is waterproof.

I too learned this from my backpacking trips.

Easy and near perfect solution
Likewise a backpacker and alpine climbing guide in younger years (Denali etc.)and ran outdoor program for 10 years climbing, paddling, etc. Several thousand miles paddling in SE Alaska, BC etc.

A garbage bag inside a plain old stuff sack outperforms any rubbery, bulky, marginal dry sack. Those things suck! I see people thinking they have to have these trying to get them into a small kayak. Dumb, and not practical. Several small nylon stuff sacks lined with GB bags fit easily, cram well, and stay 100% dry! Best dry bags I see are Sea to Summit…or is it surf to summit?? Light nylon and work well, but I still line with a plastic bag.

Anyone not trusting this should do a bathtub test against a roll down rubbery dry bag!!

I love my Big Agnes too
Hog Park 20º bag, and the 25" wide 2.5" thick Hinman sleeping pad. SOOO warm. No drafts, no thin spots.

Definitely not a backpacking setup, but I can put my bag, wide pad, 2 man tent, a chair, all my cooking gear and food into the QCC500 for a camping trip. With absolutely no deck bags. I love that set up.

Thanks Salty, that’s exactly what
I did the first trip when I switched from the kayak to the canoe, but that was a summer trip where the consequences weren’t dire,but as someone else pointed out, in dire straights, I could always slip the pad between the ground tarp and the tent floor.

Worry not, test this at home in bathtub.

Real men don’t use sleeping pads

…we’re tougher than what we sleep on even if it is concrete.

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Do you have any idea
how much heat you lose to the ground if you don’t use a pad?

real men
Real men are confident enough with their sexuality not to keep telling people they are “real” men.

I have a cobble
beach on Lake Superior for GK…

I knew I was lacking something

i asked myself the TR dry storage…
…question when i thought of buying a big bag…i found one at acadamy sports…read here:

i have not used it yet and not trying to promote it by ANY MEANS, but i will use it in three weeks and is inexpensive. something this size will hold ALL my clothes, sleeping pad/bag, pillow and a tent…HOWEVER it seems really REALLY cheap. these other large, more durable bags (Sealline and other namebrands) are of better quality, but being the same size, are great for storage of a TR pad and loads of other stuff for canoes.

I have never heard of people folding their TR in half length wise. however, having more experience in backpacking than paddling, i’ve never really had too (always room for it rolled up). is there any lasting affects from folding it like that? i guess if you don’t leave like that for long periods and store in properly, nothing should go wrong?

SeaLine Kodiak Window 15L
Fits my luxury 72" x 20" x 2" Thermarest nicely.

Roll it up and shove it in.


it depends…

…wear 'em.

LOL Who knew I’d stir up this much
with a simple question.

Thank you ALL for your input.

Real Men Use Sleeping Pads
Real men use sleeping pads to protect the ground from them.

Hmmm or is that Chuck Norris?


Had enough?
often there isn’t a one size fits all answer!

Some of us were born ready

…to shake the pot so it doesn’t take much.

Now toughen up girl and get rid of the thermal rest and get close to nature.

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