Kevlar Patches

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UPDATE: It is a 16' Royalex. The fiberglass has already been done. This repair is beyond that. I have about a six inch crack in the hull that is barely visible from the inside.

The boat has been given a protective coat of epoxy by a previous owner. The area of the crack takes a lot of abuse. It also has a divot about the diameter of a pencil on the side. That, I may repair with glass. The resin, is as much a part of my question as the kevlar. I am hoping to ensure compatible hull/patch/resin by ordering all my repair materials from one place.


I have a significant crack in my hull. The particular canoe I am referring to is an Old Town that I really abuse.

I was wondering if anyone could post some links to an online source where I might order some kevlar patches. I need two pieces of kevlar about 6"x 12"-24".

Please spare me all the warnings about what this will do to the way my canoe handles, sits, etc. in the water. It is nearly dead, and I just want to get a couple more years out of it while I decide on it's replacement. Just post links, please!

There are many places that sell kevlar. Google “Sweet composits” in MD. I’ve found they have a very consumer friendly site.


West Marine
Sells lots of different size kevlar and fiberglass patching kits.

Keep in mind what Eric says above about the material you are going to bond it to.

Also if it was me, unless I was going to use the whole piece of kevlar I would use a fiberglass patch.

Kevlar is just about impossible to cut.

believe me I learned the hard way!



Scrap Kevlar

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I'll be glad to mail you a couple pieces of scrap Kevlar and enough peel ply to lay those edges down on the house, but, as said above by others, what resin will you use? Is it compatible with the hull? How thick does the patch need to be? [How many layers?]

Post a mailing address.

If you’re patching the outside of the
hull, usually FG is better. If patching the inside, usually Kevlar is better. Don’t spend money on fancy cloth if you don’t benefit from it. Nearly all so-called Kevlar boats have one or more glass layers on the outside, with the Kevlar inside.