Kevlight repair

I love it

– Last Updated: Apr-20-15 11:51 AM EST –

Don't worry I love this canoe!
And it is keeping me busy and safe the water and air is too cold for me to go safely.
I would be out there taking a big risk. I want to get on the water bad.
It is karma keeping me safe.
It is looking very good when wet so don't worry she's going to be a looker as long as I get the spar varnish on flat and shiny.
It was paddle ready I'm just sealing it up so it will be for years.
It is going to get a lot if use so I want it to be ready to take a pounding.
When the wax paper was stuck all over the hull it looked pretty bad for the home team.
And I wished I would have left it alone!
But now we are back on track and soon will have a styling canoe! And I can all proud that I did it myself.
And hell look at the weather for Wisconsin for the next week I'm not going out any time soon.
I got a hot tip at the hardware store in hustisford.
(It is an old fashioned hard ware store with a big padded bench that guys like me sit on and gossip with every body)
Well an old farmer and I were talking about the river and canoeing it. He said did you see the old still? I said what?
So I have a treasure map to the old still on the rock south of hustisford!
A new mission: find and take pictures of the old still.
I will post it if and when we find it. That going to be a fun day!
Thank you very much I am very happy!
Want to go on the still mission?

Well, Good!
I’m missing Spring paddling here in the Ozarks since I’ve been fighting bronchitis then pneumonia for the last month. Hope we can both be on the water soon?

me three
I too have used epoxy to repair boats constructed with vinylester resins many times and have seen no downside whatsoever. Some of these repairs are many years old and have been durable.

Vinylester resin, with its caustic catalyst and limited shelf life is simply not practical for backyard repair types such as myself.

If using epoxy to repair boats made with vinylester resins upsets some folks notions of a perfect chemical universe, so be it.